C. Noël Kennard, Architect and Artist

As an architect, sculptor and photographer, I have always been someone to wonder how and why we do things. Simply stated, my work is about observation and consideration.
Observation of what’s around me, of what I am doing or participating in at that moment, and, consideration of how these observations can be part of my artistic endeavors. Whether I design something or create an art piece, these two qualities are embedded in the work.
The purpose of the work is always to share those aspects of observation and consideration.

C. Noël Kennard


For the greater part of Noël’s professional career he has practiced in the architectural field. His approach has always endeavored to incorporate art with design and architecture and vice versa. With this approach, his foray into the art world was initially with architectural photography. From that initial pursuit to his exploration of all things digital, his focus has been to create works of digital fine art encompassing abstract digital drawing, architectural photography, sculpture and painting.
His efforts have been to examine and create digital works of art emphasizing the integration of digital photography and abstracting the subject matter with various software processes. The merging of this integration creates images that then become unique fine art pieces.

These abstracted works of art become neither a photograph nor a painting, but in fact, encompass both. The expression of these pieces are put on canvas, photographic print, metal and Plexiglas.

Noël is currently undertaking and developing other new digital software processes to be incorporated to his digital photographic themes and abstract fine art collections.

Simultaneously to these digital works, he is developing a series of sculptural art installations, playground furnishings, indoor & outdoor furniture as well as lighting artifacts through 3D modeling and 3D fabrication.